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Describing the Frac ecosystem/描述 Frac 生态系统

Frac seeks to enable enterprises and communities to have their own brand of fractionalization/tokenisation platform at close to zero upfront costs. Frac 致力于让企业和社区以接近零的前期成本拥有自己品牌的分片/碎片化平台。
Frac aims to harness the power of blockchain to tokenize the world to create a fairer and more sustainable financial system. Frac wants to be the builder of infrastructure and products that enables the tokenization and fractionalization of all high-value assets, beginning with precious stones and commodities. Frac 的目标是利用区块链的力量将世界代币化,从而创建一个更公平、更可持续的金融体系。Frac 希望成为基础设施和产品的建设者,从宝石和大宗商品开始,实现所有高价值资产的代币化和分块化。
Frac wins only when our clients win/只有客户赢了,Frac 才能赢