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8. People — Core Team and Advisors/人员 - 核心团队和顾问

Know the team, see our track record./了解我们的团队,查看我们的业绩记录。

9.1 Core Team/核心团队

Melvin Tan
Chief Angel/首席天使
Co-founder in Reactive Systems , a technology company. Successful exit in private sale to other partner/技术公司 Reactive Systems 的联合创始人。通过向其他合作伙伴私下出售成功退出
Totm technologies - early investor in a technology business that pivoted into biometrics. Successful exit in 2022 ( technologies - 一家转向生物识别技术的技术企业的早期投资者。2022 年成功退出 (
Successfully exited 4 ventures since 2006 (most recent exit at above USD200 Million market capitalization)/自 2006 年以来,成功退出 4 家企业(最近一次退出市值超过 2 亿美元) Co-founder, Exec Chairman of Felicity confinement centre, a very successful postpartum mother and baby care facilities in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia ( 产后母婴护理中心联合创始人兼执行主席,该中心是马来西亚吉隆坡一家非常成功的产后母婴护理机构 (
Japhet Lim
Chief Executive Officer/首席执行官
Oversaw completion of multi-million dollar blockchain projects at Jigsaw Capital/在 Jigsaw Capital 监督完成价值数百万美元的区块链项目
Trained and taught over 5000 different professionals from different industries on blockchain and Web3.0 through Reubiks and Fintech Academy/通过 Reubiks 和金融技术学院,为来自不同行业的 5000 多名专业人士提供区块链和 Web3.0 方面的培训和教学
Raised over 5M USD for 3 crypto projects, encompassing both DeFi and GameFi/为包括 DeFi 和 GameFi 在内的 3 个加密货币项目筹集了超过 500 万美元的资金
Taru Jain Chief Growth Officer/首席发展官
28+ years business experience; multiple geographies/28 年以上的业务经验;多个地区
17 years corporate experience; leadership roles in global Marketing Services/ Digital Transformation/17 年企业工作经验;在全球营销服务/数字转型领域担任领导职务
11 years as Entrepreneur, Investor, Mentor to multiple startups in Analytics, Insights, Gaming/作为企业家、投资者和导师,在分析、洞察力和游戏领域为多家初创企业服务 11 年
Founder & CEO Future Marketer (successful exit)/创始人兼首席执行官 Future Marketer(成功售出) Early-mover in web1 & web2 businesses; now keen to replicate success in Web3.0/Web1 和 Web2 业务的先行者;现在渴望在 Web3.0 领域复制成功
Jowen Siew
Legal Lead/法律兼合规性负责人
President of Asian Law Students' Association/亚洲法律学生协会主席
Associate at Focus Law Asia/Focus Law Asia 律师
Associate at JLex LLC/JLex LLC 律师
Ryan Lim
Growth Lead/增长负责人
Former Forbes 30 Under 30, Former Edge 35 Under 35/前《福布斯》30 位 30 岁以下精英,前 Edge 35 位 35 岁以下精英
Successfully exited 3 ventures since 2008 (Last venture with a strength of 70 at 30 Million USD valuation)/自 2008 年以来,成功退出 3 家企业(最后一家企业有 70 名员工,估值 3000 万美元)
Serial entrepreneur in D2C, Tech and Growth Consulting/D2C、技术和增长咨询领域的连续创业者
NUS BBA, Served and chaired committee in SMF CAMP, SCCCI, SCBA, Enterprise Singapore/新加坡国立大学工商管理学士,曾担任新加坡工商管理学院(SMF CAMP)、新加坡中华总商会(SCCCI)、新加坡工商管理学院(SCBA)、新加坡企业发展局(Enterprise Singapore)委员会主席
Eugene Ling
Design Director/设计总监
Art Director at OglivyOne/OglivyOne 艺术总监
Senior Art Director at Leo Burnett/李奥贝纳高级艺术总监
Associate Creative Director at Uber/Uber 创意副总监
Maiko Yamamoto
Technology and Operations Lead/技术和业务主管
Managed offshore projects which want to be bridged to the Japanese market (the latest project is currently handling approximately 200 Million USD a day worth of trading volume)/管理希望与日本市场对接的离岸项目(最新项目目前每天的交易额约为 2 亿美元)
Acted as key supervisor for a gamified crypto trading app, and safeguarded the overall stability of the application, performed function testing and User Acceptance Test (UAT)/担任游戏化加密货币交易应用程序的关键主管,保障应用程序的整体稳定性,执行功能测试和用户验收测试 (UAT)
Engaged in refinement of Japanese language modules of specific applications, provided key ideas such as implementation of copytrading, did advanced competitor analysis during her time as Business Development Manager at Tier 1 Crypto Exchange/在担任一级加密货币交易所业务开发经理期间,参与了特定应用程序日语模块的完善工作,提出了实施复制交易等重要想法,并对竞争对手进行了高级分析。
Jason Fong
Partnerships Lead/合作伙伴关系负责人
Successfully listed 5 companies since 2012 (raised a total >250 Million USD), with 1 of them being the largest SPAC IPO in Malaysia/自 2012 年以来成功上市 5 家公司(融资总额超过 2.5 亿美元),其中 1 家公司是马来西亚最大的 SPAC IPO
Assisted clients to achieve fundraising of more than USD80m since 2016/自 2016 年以来,协助客户实现筹资超过 8000 万美元
Serving as the Chief PR Officer for HWG Investment Bank (Labuan) P.L.C/担任 HWG Investment Bank (Labuan) P.L.C 首席公关官
Yong Chin Bing
Business Development Lead/业务开发负责人
Country manager for an influencer marketing agency in Malaysia, worked with various brand such as Vivo, Coway , Celcom and more/马来西亚一家影响力营销机构的国家经理,曾与 Vivo、Coway、Celcom 等多个品牌合作
Worked with influencers & alpha groups to successfully launched an IDO and raise about 300,000 USD/与有影响力的人士和 alpha 小组合作,成功推出了 IDO,并募集到约 300,000 美元资金
Worked with different projects and influencers to launch a NFT project with a strategic launchpad, and grew the discord group to over 10k members in over 2 weeks time, selling over 100,000USD worth of NFTs/与不同的项目和有影响力的人合作,通过战略启动平台推出了一个 NFT 项目,并在两周多的时间内使 discord 群组的成员超过 1 万人,销售了价值超过 100,000 美元的 NFT
Wayne Yia
Special Projects Lead/特别项目负责人
Set up and spearheaded a trading desk operation for local cryptocurrency exchange from zero to 15 Million SGD trading volume in 12 months/在 12 个月内,为本地加密货币交易所建立并领导交易台业务,交易量从零增至 1,500 万新元
Headed another local proprietary cryptocurrency trading company with an AUM of more than 200 Bitcoins, doing arbitrage, carry and swing trading, and generated more than 60% APR within a quarter, generating double-figure annualized percentage returns consistently/领导另一家本地专有加密货币交易公司,资产管理规模超过 200 个比特币,从事套利、套息和波段交易,并在一个季度内创造了超过 60% 的年化收益率,持续创造两位数的年化百分比收益率
Developed crypto-based products for a blockchain company that attracted more than 500,000 USD in investments within the first week of launch/为一家区块链公司开发基于加密货币的产品,该产品在推出的第一周内就吸引了超过 500,000 美元的投资
Conducted both onsite and online training for about 500 individuals from Singapore, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Switzerland, and the USA — ranging from forex/blockchain enthusiasts to executives of top MNCs/为来自新加坡、马来西亚、中国、越南、瑞士和美国的约 500 名个人提供现场和在线培训,这些人既有外汇/区块链爱好者,也有顶级跨国公司的高管
Master in Finance, Postgraduate Diploma in FinTech, Bachelor in Finance, Singapore University of Social Science; Chartered FinTech Professional qualification (CFtP); and a member of Global FinTech Institute/新加坡社会科学大学金融硕士、金融科技研究生文凭、金融学士;特许金融科技专业资格 (CFtP);全球金融科技协会会员
Jeanne Lim
Public Relations Deputy Lead/公共关系副主任
Digital content management expert with focus on sponsored contents and content messaging on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn and TikTok/数字内容管理专家,专注于 Facebook、Instagram、YouTube、Twitter、LinkedIn 和 TikTok 等社交媒体平台上的赞助内容和内容信息发布
Excellent verbal communication skills to talk with investors and other stakeholders to maintain clients’ image and brand/出色的语言沟通能力,能与投资者和其他利益相关者交谈,维护客户的形象和品牌
Experienced in the investor relations and corporate PR industry with a wealth of knowledge that will help to enhance clients’ image and increase shareholder values through effective communication and synergistic collaboration/在投资者关系和企业公关行业经验丰富,知识渊博,有助于通过有效沟通和协同合作提升客户形象,增加股东价值

9.2 Advisors

Colin Allison - Advisor/顾问
CEO at Konnect Ventures/Konnect Ventures 首席执行官
Launched 15 startups in 4 years, raising a cumulative $25m/4 年内创办了 15 家初创企业,累计融资 2500 万美元
Former head of ventures at Rainmaking (acquired by Bain & Company)/Rainmaking 公司(已被贝恩公司收购)风险投资部前主管
Former MD at Startupbootcamp/前创业营总经理
John Tan — Advisor/顾问
Winner of ASEAN CIO Awards/东盟首席信息官奖获奖者 Chief Information Officer at Starhub/Starhub 首席信息官
Deputy Principal at Nanyang Polytechnic/南洋理工学院副校长
Aaron Ting - Advisor/顾问
Co-Founder at Interlink3 ICP.HUB Singapore/新加坡 Interlink3 ICP.HUB 联合创始人
Vice President at Malaysian Investors’ Association/马来西亚投资者协会副会长
Vice President at ACCESS Blockchain Association Malaysia/马来西亚 ACCESS 区块链协会副会长
Jeffri Said - Advisor/顾问
More than 18 years in Financial services covering Banking & Capital Markets - Transaction Banking, Securities Brokerage & Services, Fund Sales & Distribution, Private Deals & Fundraising/从事金融服务超过 18 年,涉及银行与资本市场--交易银行、证券经纪与服务、基金销售与分销、私人交易与筹资
Former Employers - Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam - Brunei, BICB CAPITAL Sdn Bhd - Brunei, Citigroup Regional Securities Services(APAC) - Singapore/前雇主 - 文莱达鲁萨兰伊斯兰银行 - 文莱,BICB CAPITAL Sdn Bhd - 文莱,花旗集团区域证券服务(亚太地区) - 新加坡
Ex Co-Founder of a payment startup company in Brunei/文莱一家支付初创公司的前联合创始人