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6. Token Utility — $FRAC/代币效用 - $FRAC

The one token to rule them all.
More will be covered on the FRAC token at a later stage as the Frac ecosystem aims to create a viable business with user traction before introducing the FRAC native token. This makes sure that the demand for the FRAC token will be created even before the FRAC token is launched, which in turn leads to more sustainable price levels for the FRAC token. /由于 Frac 生态系统的目标是在推出 FRAC 原生代币之前创建一个具有用户吸引力的可行业务,因此我们将在稍后阶段对 FRAC 代币进行更多介绍。这将确保在 FRAC 代币推出之前就能创造出对 FRAC 代币的需求,进而使 FRAC 代币的价格水平更具可持续性。 Suffice to say, there will be at least 6 different utilities. Look forward to the announcement of each and every one of them. /可以说,至少会有 6 种不同的实用程序。期待着它们一一公布。