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4.1 Stakeholders in the Frac ecosystem/Frac 生态系统中的利益相关者

Communities, Enterprises and Asset Owners have to win before Frac wins./社区、企业和资产所有者必须先赢,然后 Frac 才能赢。
Business Model/商业模式
Frac brings fractionalization/tokenization to where it needs to go/Frac 将碎片化科技带到它需要去的地方
The 3 distinct groups of stakeholders are as follows:
Asset Owners (B2B)
  • Asset Owners have assets but they do not have a following, therefore they come to Frac, looking for liquidity for their high value asset. Frac matches them to distribution channels, they provide the asset. Simple match.
Distribution channels with assets (B2B2C)
  • Certain enterprises/communities have both the users and the asset owners, but they do not have access to a wholesome fractionalization/tokenisation solution, complete with phygital capabilities (IoT and blockchain-based GPS tracking) we provide that. They provide the audience and they have their own connections to asset owners, we provide the tech and the Frac Team deploys a fractionalization platform with their brand and logo but powered by Frac. Therefore these are the distribution channels, with their own assets.
Distribution channels without assets (B2B2C)
  • An example of such a distribution channel without assets would be Influencers. Influencers have a following and they are not looking to build a corporate brand, they are looking for a recurring source of income - this makes them ideal partners to work with, as Frac has a fully robust affiliate system for influencers to enjoy new streams of income through the trading of fractional NFTs. For such influencers, Frac builds a fractionalization/tokenisation platform for them under their brand while linking up Asset Owners to them.